Heavy metal pirates of Visions Of Atlantis are returning to Europe with their biggest journey ever: ARMADA. Brace yourself and be prepared for a cinematic live experience that will leave you breathless, in support of the upcoming record Pirates II – Armada, out 5th July via Napalm Records.

Raising the bar to where the Jolly Roger flies high, Visions Of Atlantis are unfurling their sails across 33 shores throughout Europe, inviting all to join them for a voyage like no other.

Visions of Atlantis promo shot

Recently announced, modern metal rising stars ILLUMISHADE from Switzerland will be featured as special guests, and the crew is expanding even more with the addition of SERAINA TELLI, now on board as support act. Adventurers and sailors, the call to adventure awaits.

Secure your tickets at and prepare to set sail on this epic quest.

Dropping anchor, shore after shore, we’re constantly recruiting more brave sailors. While in a port, somewhere, a friendly face was found and happily welcomed aboard for our biggest journey ever: ARMADA. Indeed, we had already sailed over the British seas with this mighty bard from the land of Switzerland. We’re extremely happy to have SERAINA TELLI aboard, making it a perfect match with the compatriots, ILLUMISHADE. The winds are blowing strongly into our sails, the sun is shining, and the currents are in our favor. To the fight, to the battle. ARMADA!

Ship’s Log, 23rd April 2024

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