Everything you need to know about getting your music played on Pomona Rocks.


  • Your track played and plugged on Pomona Rocks.
  • Your band name and track name playlisted on the show page of the episode containing your track and the associated mailout.

What It Costs

Absolutely nothing: It’s 100% free. Pomona Rocks is fundamentally opposed to pay for play.

Your Commitment

Share the link to the episode of the show you’re in with all of your social media followers. We’ll provide artwork and everything you need.

How to Submit

There are two easy ways to send us your music.

Option 1: Send One Track

Just fill out the form below, attach your file, tick the legal box and click Send My File.

All fields are required.

    Add your file. MP3 or WAV files only. Max size 20MB.

    IMPORTANT: Legal Declaration

    At Pomona Rocks we respect copyright ownership. It is therefore important to us that we do not infringe any copyright or licensing agreements.

    By checking the box below and submitting your files, you declare that you have the legal right and full authority to give permission for the track that you are submitting to be played on a Pomona Rocks podcast. Furthermore, all supporting information you send can be made public unless explicitly and clearly stated otherwise.

    problems sending?

    It’s not you, it’s us. We’ve had some reports of people having trouble sending tracks using this form. We’ve had a look and we think it’s fixed, but if you’re still having problems, don’t panic. Just read on below and send us your files using Option 2 instead.

    Option 2: Send More

    To send us more than one track along with any supporting material, use (or your preferred file sharing site) and email the whole lot to


    As well as your music, don’t forget to tell us all about you. Include details like:

    • Your name, and/or the name of the band.
    • Where you’re from.
    • The genre of music you make. (It’s okay if it’s a hybrid of genres. Just say whatever fits best to give listeners an idea.)
    • Any recent news including upcoming gigs, tours and releases.
    • Relevant links, in particular to where listeners can buy your music and gig tickets.
    • Any other trivia.

    The Legals

    By sending us any tracks, you declare that you have the proper legal authority to permit us to play them on the podcast and for any accompanying information to be made public.

    You MUST have the legal authority to give us permission to play any tracks that you send. If you are not authorised to give permission for us to play it, DO NOT SEND IT. Even if you think it’ll be a nice surprise for someone.

    Any accompanying information which is to remain private (for example, personal contact details) must be clearly preceded by the words NOT FOR PUBLICATION.

    For details of what to send, read the submissions FAQ.

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