The most popular way to listen to Pomona Rocks is via your podcast app. Pomona Rocks podcasts are available on all podcast platforms except Spotify.

To subscribe to any channel just open your podcast app and search for POMONA ROCKS. You should then be able to see all available Pomona Rocks feeds and add the ones you want.


Click a logo below to be taken to the Pomona Rocks channel on that platform. Alternatively, simply log into your preferred platform and search for Pomona Rocks.

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Spotify kicked us off for being way too cool.


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Not all podcast providers return all Pomona Rocks channels in their search results. (We don’t know why.) But if you can’t find the feeds you want, you can still add them manually using the RSS feeds listed below.

Simply copy the link to your clipboard, then in your podcast app choose add RSS feed and paste in the link.

ALL NEW MUSICMain feed, all editions.
ALTAlternative, punk, post-punk, shoegaze, dreampop, electronica.
POWERPower metal, power rock, epic metal, symphonic metal.
HEAVYHeavy rock, heavy metal, hard rock.
EXTREMEExtreme metal, death metal, black metal, hardcore punk.
LIGHTChilled out, laid back, easy-going tunes. All new music, updated seasonally.
INTERVIEWSChat with artists and industry insiders about music and the business.


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