Five-piece newcomers MERCER take aim with their explosive new single, What Ya Waiting For?, out now. Watch the video here.

Formed in 2022 in South Wales, MERCER feature the rambunctious talents of college friends Te Meo-Forde (lead vocals), Adam Tayler (lead guitar), Gabe Harris (rhythm guitar & backing vocals), Sand Mitchell (bass & backing vocals), and Kian Isaac (drums). Magnetised by the likes of Queens of The Stone Age, Royal Blood, and rock icons such as Led Zeppelin, MERCER initially burrowed away at their rehearsal space harnessing their influences and inspiration but also adding a unique slant to create a deeply engrossing sound. After amassing a hearty live set, the quartet headed for the stage and have spent the last twelve months touring throughout Wales. In doing so, they have gained much praise for their dynamic and electrifying live performances.

Onwards and upwards, MERCER recently headed to the studio to put their engaging sound down to tape, emerging with their gripping new single, What Ya Waiting For? The track, which is loaded with boundless groove and vigour, and blessed with chunky riffs and a killer hook, is a real marker for the Welsh rockers.

Plans are in place for a full live assault of the UK, and with even more material set to be released this year, MERCER are here to stake a claim as one of the bands to break out in 2024.

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