The LIGHT Edition 2024.05

Episode 194. The Real Rob Taylor presents fifteen laid-back tracks for May 2024. Featuring new music from cover star WAXAMILLION, plus EXPLORING BIRDSONG, THE SUBTHEORY, KELSEY MICHAEL, WILD HORSE, MADS SAYCE, EDENYA and lots more.

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  1. WILD HORSE – Wednesday Night Distractions
  2. MADS SAYCE – Livin’ Through
  3. THE PASSING SAGES – Say What You Want
  4. ALLAN PURVIS – Summer Something
  5. JO BELOW – Who Are You?
  6. KELSEY MICHAEL – Mounts Bay Morning
  7. THE SUBTHEORY feat. PET TWIN – Song of the Damascene
  8. NEON FIELDS – Last Light
  9. MY GLASS WORLD – What We Call Love
  10. BRITTANY BINDRIM – Obelisk
  11. EDENYA – Garden
  12. OCEANICA – Photographs Found on an Old Camera
  13. FRAGMENT SOUL – This Empty Dream
  14. NICK JOHNSTON – Child of Bliss
  15. ANCIENT SETTLERS – The Pilgrim’s Memories


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