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Episode 46 of the Real Rob Taylor podcast featuring another hand-picked selection of the finest new hard rock music on the planet for October 2021. Expect some strong language.


  1. WINTERBURN | Dogtown
  2. REBEL’S END | Rawhead
  3. KING OF THE DEAD | Damned
  4. FEAROUT | Bring Me Down
  5. RENEGADE ANGEL feat. Tim “RIPPER” Owens | Damnation
  6. THE SCARAMANGA SIX | An Error Occurred
  7. GIANT WALKER | The Fact in Fiction
  8. AMONGST LIARS | Kill The Tide
  9. EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS | Empty Frames
  10. EVEN FLOW | Ray of Light
  11. DEADWING | The Faceless
  12. FUNERAL FOR TWO | The Curse of Lord

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