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REAL ROCK RADIO 2022.02.12

The Real Rob Taylor presents the tenth edition of his show for Real Rock Radio. Featuring the best new releases in rock, hard rock, rock n roll and more. First broadcast on Saturday 12th February 2022.


  1. NEW HORIZON | Event Horizon
  2. THE BIG DEAL | Never Say Never
  3. BAD ATTITUDE | Don’t Turn Your Back On Love
  4. TUNGSTEN | Come This Way
  5. KENTON PLACE | Done With You
  6. HATE WORLD HERO | The Beast Has Awoken
  7. BLINDED BY HOPE | Demon
  8. CELLAR TWINS | Cloud Walker
  9. MIKE ZITO | I’ll Make Love To You
  10. BLACKTOOTHED | You Never Know
  11. DOROTHY | Rest In Peace
  12. FUTURE RADIO | Give Me Something To Believe
  13. INDUCTION | Sacrifice
  14. HOUSE OF SHAKIRA | Method of Madness
  15. SIGNAL COLLAPSE | Dopamine

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