Italian based deathcore quintet The Wind Covenant return with new single ‘Beyond The Mortal Sight’. Following their ferocious single, ‘The Wonders We Leave Behind, this is the second track to be taken from forthcoming EP, Hiraeth, which drops on 8th March via Seek and Strike. Watch the video here.

The band says:

“Our new track, Beyond The Mortal Sight’ explores the legacy we leave behind after our departure. As we navigate life, our decisions often aim to make a lasting impact through our achievements, yet we may overlook the consequences these choices have on our personal connections with our loved ones. When we’re no longer here, what remains and how we are remembered are primarily the good and bad actions we’ve committed towards those closest to us. The writing process began with the instrumentals, and the vocals and lyrics were subsequently crafted to complement them. A few iterations were made to ensure the seamless cohesion of the music and vocals. Due to the intensity of the message and the emotional lyrics, we believe that this song stands out as one of the most defining tracks on the EP.

“Our main goal is to guide listeners through an emotive journey, inviting them to appreciate not only the genre essentials (impactful breakdowns and riffs), but also the deeply personal lyrics, unique sound elements, melodic intricacies and a solemn mood that transcends genres. If you’re looking for a band that brings a different flavour to the scene, we encourage you to give us a listen.”


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