Epictronic Records proudly announces the forthcoming release of Shadowdream’s highly anticipated album ‘Music For You To Die To’, set to drop on March 15, 2024. The lead single from the album is Moments of Pure Bliss. Watch the video here.

Going back two decades, Shadowdream emerged as a vision to explore the uncharted territories of musical landscapes and genre boundaries. In the upcoming album, Shadowdream, the brainchild of Rastko Perišić, delves into uncharted emotional depths with ‘Music for You to Die To’.Reflecting on his upbringing and drawing inspiration from his father’s profession as a pathologist, Shadowdream offers an introspective journey, delving into the realm of pathology offices and autopsy rooms.

This musical odyssey grapples with profound existential questions—pondering the moments before death and the array of emotions that encapsulate that fleeting final phase of life.

“I sought to capture the enigmatic realm behind closed doors of crime scenes and medical examiners, contemplating the emotions that surface in those last moments—be it anger, sadness, happiness, or calmness. This album is a reflection on acceptance of the inevitable end and the perception of a life’s meaning,”

Rastko Perišić, Shadowdream

“Music for You to Die To” stands as a testament to Shadowdream’s unyielding artistic integrity, marking its 10th album milestone.

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