Canadian rock trio Royal Tusk have released a video for their new single ‘Hated’, taken from their third full-length album, Altruistic, due 23rd February 2024 via MNRK Music Group. Watch the video here.

Royal Tusk bottle raw feelings of alienation into a clarion call on ‘Hated’. The soaring melody resounds with undeniable honesty underlined by fret-burning lead licks.

“It was written from the point-of-view of someone who is labeled unredeemable,” said frontman, Daniel Carriere. “It doesn’t campaign for this person’s innocence, but it poses a question. If our world can’t believe an individual can change, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Change is a running theme for this body of work. I think people can and do change. It’s the hardest thing, yet it’s possible.”

Spending nearly a year writing throughout the pandemic, the trio eventually hunkered down in Alberta’s Audio Department recording studio where they self-produced Altruistic. In the midst of the process, Carriere wound up in the throes of a year-long battle to get healthy after suffering from a blood clot in his lung. He lost over 20lbs and could barely speak.

Sandy [bassist] and Quinn [guitarist] helped me through the entire experience,” Carriere said. “These songs were written prior to this life-changing event, but they still tell a story of struggle, suffering, uncertainty, courage, and watching your back. It’s bizarre how that happened. When I think of them now, they definitely illustrate what we all went through.”

With an unwavering determination, the band faced highs and lows that pushed them to the brink, including an almost career-ending illness that threatened to shatter their dreams. Throughout their trials and tribulations of friendships, brotherhood and tenacity prevail. In the documentary, witness the raw emotion, sweat, and imaginative determination as they pour their hearts and souls into creating what is undeniably one of the most powerful rock albums of the decade. 

It’s a story of passion, triumph over adversity, and the creation of a musical tour de force that will redefine your perception of rock ‘n’ roll and the human spirit.

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