Brazilian death metal outfit Crypta have revealed another furious new single, TRIAL OF TRAITORS, the second glimpse of their new beast of an album Shades of Sorrow which will be released 4th August 2023 via Napalm Records. Watch the video here.

After smashing in with the relentless ‘Lord of Ruins‘, the first single from Shades of Sorrow, ‘Trial of Traitors’ serves as another harbinger of the new record – breaking in with merciless, impressive guitar work and inciting an uncontrollable storm of pure rage that screams for more.

Crypta on ‘Trial of Traitors’: “We decided to have ‘Trial of Traitors’ as one of the singles because, although it’s the fastest, most aggressive song on album, it still has a lot of our already characteristic melodic work here and there, so we thought this blend of these two extremes would be a good sneak-peek into what people can expect overall from the album!”

Pre-order Shades of Sorrow here:

Formed in 2019 by former Nervosa members Luana Dametto (drums) and Fernanda Lira (vocals), and now featuring guitarists Tainá Bergamaschi and Jessica di Falchi, Crypta broke the charts with their highly praised debut album, Echoes of the Soul, in 2021. The album received massive critical and fanbase acclaim for a debut release – including landing at #55 on the Official German Album Charts and debuting at #15 on both the US Hard Music Albums and Top New Artist Albums charts.

On Shades of Sorrow, the band stays true to their unique sound that was introduced on their first full-length, blending classic and modern death metal with significant extreme and black metal elements. 

Fernanda Lira (bass, vocals) on Shades of Sorrow: Shades of Sorrow is a semi-concept album which describes a journey through the depths of our psyche when facing tough battles. It’s a trip to the many shades of pain we sometimes have to face while enduring our lives’ challenges. The songs are the perfect gloomy, dark, emotional soundtrack for this journey.”

Crypta’s album SHADES OF SORROW will be released 4th August 2023 via Napalm Records.

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