UK tech-deathcore quintet Monasteries have unveiled new single / video Alone & Against, out now via Seek and Strike.Watch the video here.

Stream available from all usual outlets including the band’s Spotify.

Monasteries are well known for their barrage of frenetic aggression and unrivalled intensity. From dissonant riffs and scathing vocals to massive breakdowns and infectious hooks, this band have quickly carved out their own niche within the deathcore genre. However, Monasteries continue to pave new ground, pushing past the boundaries of conventionalism to craft some of the most dynamic and unique material of their already storied career. This is best showcased on their blistering, new track, ‘Alone & Against’, which also serves as the first single from the band’s upcoming, full-length album due later this year.

Vocalist Josh Davies said, “I chose this as the first single because it’s just straight up brutal, ignorant and heavy. It has elements that people love from us, but it also has some next level parts that people won’t see coming and it’s just a straight throw down song. Vocally, for this release, I wanted to go back to our roots and go even heavier, bringing those disturbing gutturals and proper low screams. The lyrics came from an angry, pissed off mindset. It’s about people crucifying you for your failures making you out to be the worst thing ever, but in-fact they’re hypocritical because they’ve also made the same mistakes as you have or worse. The song title felt pretty fitting, just being alone and against all the bullshit being thrown at you.

“We specifically wanted to evolve and change direction when writing our new album. We looked into different perspectives, like how can we make this song better for the live audience with a lot more of a structured mindset than ever before. It finally felt like everyone was on the same page. There’s songs and riffs on this release that’ll get people wanting to throw down, but there’s also some slight curve balls where we’ve experimented a bit, so expect the unexpected.”

“We’re also stoked to officially announce the addition of Craig Robertson as our second guitar player, who’s an absolute shredder. This new line-up just feels right and we’re all hungrier than ever before. People should expect a new era and re-brand of Monasteries at Tech-Fest this year. We will be debuting a lot more newer material and playing only the older bangers, so get there early and experience this new chapter with us.” 

The band will perform at this year’s UK Tech-Fest, taking place at the Newark Showground on 29th June – 2nd July 2023.

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