WATCH: GURL wish they were boys in the 90s

Variously described as “Billie Eilish meets Bring Me The Horizon“, “bubblegum razorblades”, and “if Taylor Swift wrote songs for Sleep Token“, Gürl serve up pure, chaotic, sugary anti-pop with their latest single ‘Boys in the 90s’. Watch the video here.

gürl are anti-pop: Froot Loops and butcher knives, bubblegum and razor blades, and fashion posing as music, all wrapped in diva choruses with heavy guitars, rock drums and trap production. Think Ashnikko meets Loathe and Billie Eilish meets Bring Me The Horizon, but drenched in a magnificent shade of pink.

It’s about growing up poor, on a council estate, going to a special measures school, and getting beaten up by kids that think you’re ugly… but then coming home and watching these 90s movies where men aren’t really portrayed as typically masculine or handsome, but instead androgynous and beautiful. Seeing that and thinking, why can’t I look like that? It’s about insecurity, and rage, and reverence to 90s icons. Even the drum beat we ripped straight off Backstreet Boys.

GURL vocalist and lyricist Josh Dalton


Check venues for tickets.

  • Jan 26: Cheltenham, Frog & Fiddle
  • Feb 08: Bristol, The Exchange
  • Feb 09: Bournemouth, Cellar Bar
  • Feb 10: Tunbridge Wells, Forum Basement
  • Mar 02: Glastonbury, Glastonbury Calling
  • Mar 08: Newport, Le Pub
  • Mar 23: Huddersfield, The Paris
  • Mar 24: Newcastle, Bobiks
  • Mar 25: Manchester, Retro Bar
  • Apr 22: Munich, Milla
  • Apr 23: Cologne, Helios 37
  • Apr 24: Berlin, Badehaus
  • Apr 25: Hamburg, Goldener Station Hafenklang
  • May 18: London, Oslo
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