Vanguards of Canada’s contemporary heavy metal scene BLACK ABSINTHE proudly announce the release of their electrifying new single, “Dead Queen.” Watch the video here.

Emerging from the depths of Toronto’s most revered metal venues, this powerhouse trio has consistently pushed the boundaries of heavy metal with their blend of thunderous riffs, breakneck rhythms, and a modern technical finesse. Now, with this latest release, BLACK ABSINTHE taps into their rich, decade-long legacy while charting new territories in the heavy metal domain.

With inspiration from VAN HALEN, ‘Dead Queen’s’ mission is to get your fist pumping and singing along with guilty pleasure. Taking notes from GUNS ‘N ROSES ‘Nightrain’ and MOTLEY CRUE’s ‘Wild Side’. Keep your virgin ears ‘peeled’ for the inspiration from W.A.S.P.’s ‘Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)’ and STEEL PANTHER’s general attitude.

The band described the track as, “A snapshot, a love letter, a moment in time – ‘Dead Queen’ represents us at our core, diving back to our Party Metal roots. Big hits, big choruses, and Hair Metal attitude reigns supreme.

The lyrics reflect a metaphor of our ‘Dead Queen’; the city’s loss of venues and scene (at a time), live energy, paired with the exploration of cutting our teeth, drugs, sex, loss, love, and how, as musicians, we need to fight to keep it all alive. The Chorus came about in a jam session, joking around, finishing each other’s sentences, and running with it!” 


Jack Cerre (Vocals/Guitar)
Kyle Scarlett (Bass)
Fernando Villalobos (Drums)

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