Emerging Brit deathcorers, VIRGIN WITCH, have set loose their enthralling new single, Deny The Lie, which features Jason Evans from Ingested. Watch the compelling new video here.

Coming at you from Essex, and expressing a barrage of gut-wrenching heaviness, brutal breakdowns, colossal riffs, and full-frontal attack screams, VIRGIN WITCH have consumed the likes of Left To Suffer, Knocked Loose, Loathe and Slipknot, and have broadened their scope with an extra fiery layer of energy and fury. Although the youthful quartet only officially formed in 2021, VIRGIN WITCH have already destroyed stages throughout the whole of the South East, as well as touring with fellow Essex compatriots, Beyond Extinction.

Virgin Witch promo shot

VIRGIN WITCH will now light the fuse and set off their thunderous new single, Deny The Lie, which has all the hallmarks of being a real game changer for the ascending metallers. The band remark about the track: “’Deny The Lie’ is our latest installment and it features the vocal talents of Jason Evans from Slam giants, Ingested. Offering a combination of beat down riffs and OG death metal blast beats with a gritty vocal style, we feel it’s the perfect blend of every aspect of extreme metal.”

With a budding reputation for their intense live shows, VIRGIN WITCH will continue on their path of abolishing every stage they set foot on. Look out for further releases and touring for the whole of 2023!

VIRGIN WITCH ARE: Caleb Jones (Vocals), Kendal Beck (Guitar), Keiran Newsam (Bass), and Adam Beck (Drums/Vocals).

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