Italian alternative / darkwave outfit VONAMOR present Lucky You with a video that catapults us into a world oscillating between the poised aesthetics of a fashion shoot and the anguish of a world suffocated by plastic. Watch it here.

Aesthetically attractive images become suffocating in a continuous flow between claustrophobia and one’s breath. A timely offering, their song features interwoven voices (and languages) sing of wars that “are not so cold anymore”, of “fake news and fake truths and things that must have been misunderstood”.

Their self-titled debut album offers an emotional trip through stories of love, belonging, submission, protest, power, desire, abuse and the passion that affects our everyday lives. Stories of femme fatales and fearful memories, of burning desires, motherly loves and fatal tragedies, falling empires and latent revolutions. Music about a messed-up world that is always moving too fast, yet makes us dangerously linger between reality and dystopia, sanity and madness.

LUCKY YOU by VONAMOR features alongside 16 other brand new tracks in the APRIL EDITION PART 2.

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