Formidable Brit rock four-piece, THE FIRES BELOW, are ready to make a huge impression with the release of their potent new EP, Masquerade, out Friday 1st September. The fast-rising Londoners have now revealed their new single and video, So It Goes.

THE FIRES BELOW have crafted a sound that combines towering vocal lines with punchy and pointed guitar work, and a chunky rhythm section that will blow the roof right off. The energetic four-piece, with their roots placed in punk rock, stoner, and metal, have merged into a set list comprised of thumping cuts that will hang with you for eons.

Comprised of Smithy (Vocals, Guitar), Del (Drums), Si (Bass), and Sam (Guitar), THE FIRES BELOW began as a lockdown project, and by last year, the heavy rockers were poised to unleash their wall of sound to the masses. Powerful live performances followed, along with the release of their singles Normality and Out to Destroy. Both songs picked up strong traction and with the build on, THE FIRES BELOW headed to the studio to commence work on their debut EP, Masquerade.

Now with a killer debut EP in hand, THE FIRES BELOW are ready to break out. Stacked with four stunning tracks that twist and contort, the release promises to beat your head into submission. The EP is massively captivating and sure to pave the way for the UK stout rock crew. Vocalist and Guitarist Smithy remarks about the creation of the release: “A lot of hard work has gone into our first EP. The recording process was fun, inspiring, and exciting to hear everything come together. There is a lot of energy, pain and anger in our music about the state of the world today that we think everyone can relate to it.”

With a barrage of material and live shows set for the remainder of 2023, including a special EP launch night at the Hope and Anchor in London, this year is set to be a massive one for THE FIRES BELOW.

| THE FIRE BELOW live on Thursday 31st Aug @ Hope & Anchor, London. Free entry |

EP track listing: 1) Masquerade; 2. Another Day; 3. So It Goes; 4. Vigilant.

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