STINKY’s “Moonbow” – A Fusion of Hardcore and Pop/Punk Reflecting on Human Connections

French hardcore band STINKY has made a compelling return with their latest single, “Moonbow.”

This track, released on September 13, 2023, showcases the band’s evolving sound, blending elements of pop/punk choruses with hardcore verses. The band’s line-up changes have ushered in a fresh, modern influence, evident in the new single.

“Moonbow” explores the complexities of human relationships and the need to look beyond appearances. Lead singer Clair Larrieu-Maillard, who has undergone a gender transition, shares a personal connection with this theme. “The first image I give people is often wrong and doesn’t correspond to who I really am,” Clair explains. “We all have a shell shaped by our various traumas, which only lets us see certain things.”

The band’s new line-up, consisting of Clair, Maxime Cuypers, Paul Saltet, Enzo Bussolino, and Clément Rambaud, brought diverse influences and experiences to the creation of “Moonbow.” “Of the 5 band members, 3 have left for new horizons, so their 3 replacements have arrived with their own feelings, their own influences,” says the band. This shift has led to a more modern, diversified musical direction and a new approach to composition, now done remotely.

Despite the industry’s fast pace, STINKY emphasizes the importance of maintaining genuine connections. “By exchanging with people in real life, by meeting new people, by doing concerts, by creating real relationships with people,” they state, underlining the significance of real-life interactions in an industry often characterized by superficiality.

As fans look forward to a new album in 2024, STINKY promises to continue exploring themes both personal and universal, such as savior syndrome, impostor syndrome, the transgender cause, and overcoming toxic relationships. “Moonbow” sets the tone for this forthcoming project, indicating a more modern sound while still retaining the essence of STINKY.

“Moonbow” aligns with STINKY’s signature sound but introduces a more contemporary edge. The band hopes fans will appreciate this new blend and the message of the song, reflecting their growth and continued relevance in the music scene.

The single is a testament to STINKY’s commitment to their craft and their message. Fans of bands like ‘Get The Shot’ will find “Moonbow” a compelling listen, showcasing STINKY’s ability to evolve while staying true to their hardcore roots. The band’s journey continues to resonate with fans old and new, promising more impactful music in the near future.

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