Leeds-based rising stars Shaku, the self-proclaimed ‘Figureheads of Frog Rock’ have announced a string of UK tour dates throughout May and June.

Shaku’s genre-fluid identity blasts listeners into a new era of guitar rock injected with towering rave synths and giddy nostalgia. They describe themselves as,

…a 20 car motorway pile-up if amphibians drove adrenaline-fueled race cars made of jazz.


Their latest single ULYSSE is all this and more. Guest vocalist Matilde Mirotti (In the Morning Lights) and frontman Noiak Bedirian explore lyrical themes of their experience in moving to the UK from Italy and Kuwait, respectively, to pursue their music careers.

“We wanted to capture that feeling of a ‘leap of faith’ and the constant uncertainty of whether you have made the right decision or not. We reflected on our influences from our homes and injected that into the instrumentation as well.”

The result is a song that twists and turns through its many different sections, ambushing the listener with jazzy dub grooves, latin rock melodies and even a nod to Johann Sebastian Bach. The cascade of percussion and constant evolution of the song takes you across the world of Shaku’s music, with a joyous, cacophonous finale.

ULYSSE by Shaku features in the APRIL EDITION PART 2.

Catch Shaku on tour, celebrating their release and showcasing more unreleased music.


  • 13.05 – Northern Quarter, Huddersfield
  • 14.05 – The Grand, Clitheroe
  • 16.05 – The Chameleon, Nottingham
  • 19.05 – The New Adelphi Club, Hull
  • 20.05 – The Globe, Newcastle
  • 21.05 – The Canteen, Bristol
  • 22.05 – TBC
  • 23.05 – Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield
  • 26.05 – The Crescent Community Centre, York
  • 11.06 – Neck of the Woods Festival, Manchester (matinee show)
  • 11.06 – Salemango Festival, Leeds (evening show)
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