Seattle’s PALOOKA Implore You To SAVE YOURSELF

Seattle’s PALOOKA have released their single, the title track from their forthcoming EP, SAVE YOURSELF. Watch the video here.

PALOOKA is big thick two-guitar rock the way the rock gods intended it. Hailing from Seattle, USA, singer Chuck Campbell belts out melody lines full of emotion and purpose with tenacity. Chris Quinn and Glen Logan trade flurries of devastating and searing guitar punches reminiscent of a barroom brawl. All of which sits on the rock-solid pounding foundation built on the talents of Howard Binner on bass and the percussive mauler Jason Reavis on drums.
This powerhouse of rock has been making waves since their debut album “What’s Wrong With Wanting Everything” in 2011.

They have come a long way since then and their forthcoming 2024 EP “Save Yourself” promises to deliver the heavy dose of rock that you need. The first look at this EP is with the title track. The band comments:

“Save Yourself speaks to those moments in life where one comes to the realization that the way through a particular event or situation is purely up to us as individuals. The metaphoric cavalry isn’t coming, we are on our own and the only way forward is through.”


PALOOKA goes on to explain that as fans of a wide assortment of genres, they channeled their influences into an energy and intensity that is all their own. They made a point to push their boundaries and across the EP listeners can expect to hear elements of metal, blues, 70’s rock, grunge, alternative, and more.

Mostly written throughout the pandemic, the songs on “Save Yourself” were born from the unique environment of physical isolation, which not only left its mark on the personal themes of the songs but also played a pivotal role in the collaborative process. Interestingly, PALOOKA didn’t consciously decide on the track lineup. Instead, the songs, along with the circumstances that led to their creation, organically determined which songs found their place on “Save Yourself”. Loud, classic, and accessible PALOOKA is recommended for fans of Cheap Trick, Alice in Chains, and AC/DC.

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