Scottish metal quintet Perpetua reveal new single + VIDEO

Perpetua are a burgeoning metallic force from Scotland that will quickly catch the attention of the metal community. Their much-anticipated album, Resurgence, will be released 22nd March, and it all kicks off with the crushing, new single, ‘The Hell It Brings’, out now. Watch the video here.

“This is a song about bad choices, depression and how far our minds can fall into despair as a result. Much like the overall lyrical content on the album, it’s very deep and dark. This track is in a lower tuning, featuring some of the grooviest and heaviest guitars on the album, making it a stand out single for us. Visually, we thought to lean into the despair. Showing how the mind can be twisted by opting to view it through augmented lenses and prisms. The pace of the video carrying forth the idea that life can be hard to keep up with.


The band says, “This album is the culmination of all our efforts to create something special. It’s a fresh take on classic metal formulas with a modern twist. We felt that the aggressiveness and depth of the songs really stood out how we imagined. The layered choruses, the fast technical guitars, and the ferocious groove all blended together perfectly. We strived for a more technical and melodic approach in contrast to our previous work. The song structures are now more in-depth and progressively changing. Like the lyrical content, we feel the instrumental aspect of the song itself is very dark and moving.

“We were heavily focused on creating a combination of blistering fast riffs, death metal vocals and soaring chorus hooks. We wanted to write an album as technical and aggressively heavy as we could, and we feel that we reached that. We spent a lot of time digging into song structures, rearranging and making sure we were content with the final outcome of every song. We knew how important our first full-length album is and for that reason it had to be perfect. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for your support.”

Formed in 2013, Perpetua released their debut EP Resistance in 2016 and second EP To Suffer in 2018, supported by two successful headline UK tours. Supporting as wide a variety of artists as Skindred, Crossfaith, Hacktivist, Perpetua also won Best Metal Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

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