South Wales newcomers ZACTHELOCUST have arrived with their anthemic new single, Hold On. The song and video are out now.

Originally conceived in 2019 as a solo endeavour by guitarist Keryn Isaac, the project soon developed and expanded with old friend Robert Baulch coming on board for bass, and new friends, Archie Holland and Ashley Turner being drafted in for lead guitar and drums. The band worked hard on their live set, but soon realised that the material needed an extra dimension, so they began a full-scale hunt for a lead vocalist. After a lengthy search they uncovered Cory James, and he’s the perfect fit for the up-tempo rockers.

ZACTHELOCUST share a unified goal to pen and perform catchy as hell pop-punk music that is upbeat, honest, and deeply invigorating. Reared on a diverse diet of Green Day, Metallica, The Beatles, Blink 182, Thin Lizzy, and the Offspring, the crew have distilled these influences to cleverly carve out a singular sound of their own.

The studious crew, having diligently worked on their live set, are now poised to play extensive shows for the rest of the year and into 2024. The animated five-piece have also just finished work on their new single, Hold On, and it’s a super catchy slab of pop-punk, stacked with hooky refrains, and chunky riffs. The band remark about the single: “It’s a song about unsettling changes, hope, coming together and getting through tough times. It’s a song that can not only be relatable to the years the world spent in lockdown, but everyday life too. An anthem of hope for everyone!”

With plans afoot for further releases, and an active touring schedule on the horizon, ZACTHELOCUST are set to break out in 2024.

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