Grungy rockers Marisa And The Moths have released a video for their new single ‘Just Like Me’, ahead of their second album What Doesn’t Kill You, released 3rd May. Check out the video here.

On the video, frontperson Marisa comments: “I wanted to create a video for this song that represents how it feels for me, which is stormy, chaotic and emotionally explosive. The solo performance of the song was decided as a way to not overcomplicate it, and to let the music speak for itself, as the music already has many layers to it. To keep visuals interesting, we played with angles, crystals, and even a broken mirror, which really helped to portray a feeling of “distorted reality”, which helped to portray the meaning of the song.”

The new track is an introspective journey into the intricate parallels within ourselves and society, enveloped in a compelling alternative rock soundscape reminiscent of Deftones and underscored by vocal prowess echoing the vulnerability and power of Jeff Buckley.

Speaking about the single, Marisa shares, “For me, this song is like a Christopher Nolan film playing in the shadows of my mind. It feels familiar yet infinite, like a stormy fractal landscape where patterns repeat endlessly. Like some kind of beautiful nightmare. It embodies a multitude of emotions and viewpoints of the human condition and our self-destructive nature, yet, whilst the general meaning is something that I feel is relatable, it’s definitely still open to interpretation.”

Penned during the Covid lockdowns whilst Marisa was personally healing from an abusive relationship, ‘Just Like Me’ offers a narrative of inner turmoil, delving into the depths of insecurity and anxiety when viewed from an individual perspective. However, when viewed through the broader lens of humanity, it emerges as a poignant reflection of our collective struggles. Marisa‘s lyrics serve as a reminder of our innate capacity for self-destruction, urging us to confront our flaws and strive towards a better future for all.

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Marisa And The Moths will be touring the album at a series of headline dates, as follows:

  • May 02: Reading Sub 89
  • May 03: Cardiff The Globe
  • May 04: Southampton The Loft
  • May 10: Manchester Star and Garter
  • May 11: Nottingham Rock City Beta
  • May 12: London Underworld
  • Jun 07: Leeds Brudenell Social Club
  • Jun 08: Newcastle Grove

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