ESODIC Echoes Post-War Realities in New Single “Consequence”

ESODIC, the thrash/death metal band known for their relentless style and provocative themes has just released their new single, “Consequence.” The band delves deep into the controversial topic of Western intervention in Iraq, examining the false pretenses for this intervention and the catastrophic consequences that followed, including the rise of terroristic extremists in the resulting power vacuum.

Set to make a monumental impact in the metal scene, ESODIC also announces the release of their eagerly anticipated EP, De Facto De Jure, slated for May 22nd, 2024. This upcoming EP embodies the band’s unique fusion of thrash and death metal, infused with their deep-seated commentary on socio-political themes. With De Facto De Jure, ESODIC continues to push the boundaries of their genre, promising a collection of tracks that not only showcase their musical prowess but also reflect their profound insights into the complexities of power, authority, and societal structures. Fans of the band and metal enthusiasts alike are marking their calendars for what is set to be a groundbreaking addition to ESODIC’s discography.

Originating from the underbelly of Amman, Jordan, ESODIC was formed in 2003. Inspired by legendary bands like SLAYER, TESTAMENT, and KREATOR, ESODIC’s music reflects the turbulent socio-political climate of the Middle East. Their existence as a metal band in a region where such music was often suppressed by local governments added a layer of defiance and rebellion to their sound. This opposition fueled their creativity and resilience, epitomized by the experiences of current drummer Zed Amarin, who, along with other band members, faced harassment and arrest.

ESODIC’s journey through the underground music scene of Amman saw them forge a distinct style of fast-paced, loud thrash metal. Despite the risks, their commitment to their craft led to a strong following and significant challenges, including frequent arrests and show cancellations. These obstacles only strengthened their resolve and influence within the countercultural scene.

As ESODIC gears up for the release of their new EP, the anticipation within the metal community is palpable. This EP, a powerful reflection on turbulent history and political commentary. This release is poised to add another impactful chapter to ESODIC’s storied legacy, resonating with fans old and new who appreciate music that challenges, provokes, and transcends.

Zed Amarin – Drums
Michael Nolasco – Guitars/Vocals
Kevin McCombs – Bass/Vocals

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