EB & THE DEADLIGHTS are back with a full throttle and anthemic new single and video, Endless Hope, out now. The track is lifted from the band’s greatly anticipated debut album, Echoes Of A Dreamless Life, which is out on Friday 16th June.

Ever since their inception in the Spring of 2021, EB & THE DEADLIGHTS have amassed a wave of support and intrigue. The ascending shock rockers come at you from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and were originally founded by frontman and vocalist Ethan Beatie. The build began for the band with the launch of their electrifying debut EP, Still See Ghosts, which earned the rampant shock maestros widespread critical acclaim. The record heralded the arrival of the gory crew, and the release was backed up with a string of theatrical live shows. As momentum grew, EB & THE DEADLIGHTS were asked to open for a number of prominent acts such as Priest (ex-Ghost) and horror punk legend Doyle from the iconic, Misfits.

At the start of 2022, the band had a handful of lineup changes, which sidelined the group. However, by the Summer, EB & THE DEADLIGHTS returned with a vicious new single and video, Unmarked Grave. The track brought the arrival of new guitarist and co-writer Macauley Rogers, bassist Maciek Zaworski, and guitarist Reece Mathers, who have elevated and expanded the band’s already expansive sound to a new level.

The quartet are now poised to release their exhilarating debut album, Echoes Of A Dreamless Life. The record, which is the band’s best work to date, hits the mark on every single level, from the get-go to the end. The release is a concept album, Ethan retorts: “We never intended on doing an album, but when the song variety continued to grow and we had the tracks written, separating them just didn’t feel right, both flow and concept wise. I wanted to write something that was both fantastical and horrific—the innocence of Peter Pan Vs the madness of Dracula so to speak.” The album still maintains the classic shock rock influences such as Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, but the record also infuses a wider scope of inspiration ranging from electronica and punk rock through to alternative. EB & THE DEADLIGHTS have thrown the rule book out, and in doing so, have created something very special. 

Album track listing: 1. Endless Hope; 2. Falling Away; 3. Pain That I Need; 4. Heaven Into Hell; 5. Hollow Eyes; 6. Art Of Death; 7. Kill Your Answers; 8. Fatal Violence; 9. Dreamless Life.




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