EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS are back with a thunderous new single and video, Unmarked Grave, out now. Watch the video here.

Created in the Spring of 2021 by frontman Ethan Beattie and coming at you from Belfast, Northern Ireland, EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS have already crafted a potent reputation by unleashing a grasping fusion of scorching metal ‘n’ roll bolstered by bellowing guitar work and haunting hooks. Last year, the engrossing shock maestros dropped their tantalising debut EP, Still See Ghosts, which saw a glut of major tastemakers latching onto the band’s infectious manifesto. The record marked a firm line in the sand and almost instantly helped the gory crew to amass a potent and loyal fanbase. Aided by a slew of highly engaging and theatric live shows, the band were also invited to support Priest (Ex Ghost) and Misfit legend Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

The path of rock ‘n’ roll infamy, however, is rarely a smooth one, as EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS had to regroup and reset at the start of this year, but they now return with a settled line-up. Beattie is joined by guitarist and co-writer Macauley Rogers and bassist Maciek Zaworski, and the fiery up-and-comers are ready to unleash a fresh new sound to an ever-growing following.  

To reignite the flame, EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS set loose an ear-splitting new single: Unmarked Grave. Vocalist Ethan Beattie comments about the formation of the track which is stacked with biting riffs, stout phrasing and burly beats: “This song was born after what had been a turbulent few months of various line-up changes. There was never any doubt in my mind that the band wasn’t going to continue, but it was proving to be a challenge.” EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS have persevered and their future work is destined to rip up the rule book. Beattie goes on to explain: “We aren’t a metal band, and if you take us as that, you could be very disappointed with what’s coming up in the near future, but this is a metal song. Unmarked Grave is the first step into a much bigger picture that we will be sharing with you in the not-too-distant future.”

With further expansive material on the way, along with a surge of live performances, EB AND THE DEADLIGHTS are poised to be one of the breakout bands of 2023.  



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