Powerful UK metallers, COLLECTED, set loose their formidable debut EP, Say When, on Friday 18th February. The contemporary hard-hitters have also just released a brand-new music video for their current single, also entitled Say When.

COLLECTED have always pushed boundaries, in an ever-evolving fashion, to draw in influence from a slew of genres such as progressive metal, hardcore, funk, jazz and synth-wave. Adding this together with their own varied backgrounds, COLLECTED have enhanced their output, and in doing so, have created something innovative and exhilarating. The imposing fivesome have now developed a massively immersing sound that is making powerful waves on the scene with the likes of Metal Hammer, V13, Metallum Sub terra, Maximum Volume Music, Metal Noise, and more, all hugely backing and supporting the rising metal crew.

COLLECTED’s time is now, and the Essex metal crew are backed with their killer debut EP, Say When. The band remark about the release: “This record covers topics ranging from mental health and relationships to fictional stories influenced by real world issues and experiences. While COLLECTED’s sound is primarily rooted in metal, we knew we wanted to branch out. Producing a record that highlights each member’s own musical diversity gives listeners a fresh take on the metal genre.”

The EP is everything you want from a modern metal record: hard-hitting, emotional, heavy, and thoroughly fervent. Stay glued to the band’s social sites and look out for further shows, singles, videos and more.

COLLECTED are Liam Brazitis – Vocalist, Charlie Day – Guitarist. Artis Upitis – Drummer, Chris Day – Bass, Haitch Barratt – Guitarist.

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