Heavy music should hurt; it should get under your skin and be a pain to dig out, something akin to the after-effects of standing beside a shattering window. In this realm, hugely engaging metallic-punks CANAVAR deliver, snaring a sound that is rapid, catchy and absolutely explosive. CANAVAR serve up a barnstorming sophomore album, Living After, which is set to drop on Friday 18th March. The genre-crossing heavyweights have also unveiled a blistering new single, Atlas. Watch the video, here.

Originally formed in Southampton in their teens, under the guise The Bitter-Town Hounds, it wasn’t until 2018 when working with esteemed producer Dan Precision (Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie) on their debut album that the four-piece reinvented themselves under the new moniker, CANAVAR. Consisting of blood brothers Rowan and Toby Rashley, who respectively boss the rhythm section, throatmaster and guitarist Deklan Webb, and with Jack Bowden handling riffs and texturing, CANAVAR bring something fresh and powerful to the musical landscape. In support of the band’s self-titled debut album, the stout punk rockers slayed stages throughout England and Wales, before crossing the pond to undertake a US tour that hit a series of states with 88 Fingers Louie. Widespread underground support followed for the record, as well as plans for their follow-up album.   

As the world stood still, CANAVAR ploughed away in the background assembling a cluster of hard-hitting infectious cuts that now make up their ferocious new album, Living After. The release tramples the line between swift ballsy metal and up-tempo punk rock, and it boosts a flurry of heavy breaks, colossal riffs, and melodic hooks. When listening to CANAVAR, you can feel the quartet’s raw energy and sheer vivacity as they delve deep into your every pore, attacking your senses with full-pelt high-octane guitars, beefy rhythms and igniting vocals. A rampant live schedule is expected for 2022 backed with a slew of singles, and festival appearances. Welcome your favourite new band, CANAVAR.


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